Ginning Operations

Uganda predominantly uses roller-gin technology, which is preferred for preserving the integrity of the cotton fibre. Out of canadian pharm total 40 ginneries, only two have saw-gin units. Lint out-turn usually ranges between 34% and 36%. Being hand-picked, lint has superior fibre characteristics compared to machine-picked cottons, with less short fibres and less neps.
In 1997, CDO established a Ginning Training School at Busitema National College of Agricultural Mechanization (now Busitema
University), where training has been provided to technicians/ginnery engineers for the cotton industry.

Growing Awareness and Prevention of Contamination

Contamination¬Ě reduction is the generic pharmacy viagra major focus of work of every stakeholder, particularly by the CDO and by the Uganda Ginners and Cotton Exporters Association (UGCEA). There has been a significant reduction over the years as the ginners in Uganda have taken important steps towards its minimization, by making the farmers aware of the seriousness of the problem as well as installing special picking lines to remove foreign matters before they reach of the bale press.

Bale sizes, for roller-ginned cotton bales vary according to bale press:
Length: 104 cm
Width: 51cm
Depth: 84cm
Weight (Average): 185kg
Range: 178-193kg Density: 415.2kg/m3