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Cotton Developmentt Organisation » Quality Control, Classing and Grading

Quality Control, Classing and Grading

CDO is responsible for quality control of lint based on international standards. CDO is a member of and/or in close contact with international organizations concerned with cotton quality measurements, such as ICA, Bremen Fibre Institute, ICAC, USDA, etc.
As cotton is baled at the ginneries, a sample is automatically taken from each bale. A total of 4% of the samples are subjected to analysis, by either manual classing or HVI classing. CDO intends to raise the percentage of HVI analysed samples to 10% in the near future.

Uganda Official Cotton Standards

The Uganda Official Standards are reviewed and approved biennially by both the International Cotton Association and the Bremen Cotton Exchange since June 1995. With roller-ginned cotton it is possible to obtain staple lengths as high as 1 3/16″(~30 mm). Staple strength values are on the high side, while micronaire values are within a narrow range. In short quality of Uganda cotton is unique and extremely favourable to spinners.

Type and Quality of Cotton Produced

Uganda is one of the very few countries in the world that grows only one variety of cotton, which is the BPA type. Using one variety of cotton seed with excellent fibre characteristics enables the production of cotton, yarn and fabric with consistent quality throughout the country. Besides, this uniformity and consistent quality make it easier to apply quality control measures in all production phases.

Quality Parameter of Recent seasons

Over the last couple of years Uganda has significant improved its cotton quality. For the 2009/2010 crop, only 13% of the crop had a grade below Middling (i.e. Strict Low Middling and Low Middling), while the remaining 87% of the crop had quality
parameters of Middling and above.

Uganda roller-ginned cotton is among the higher grades quoted in Cotton Outlook. UCON has been able to fetch a price premium of up to 2-4 cents per pound over the Cot look A Index.