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Cotton Developmentt Organisation » Mission, Vision & Core values

Mission, Vision & Core values

Our Vision

 “Building a competitive and sustainable cotton sub-sector in Uganda

Our Mission Statement

To promote and monitor production, processing and marketing of high value cotton and its by-products for the welfare of our society.

Core Values

CDO is committed to a culture that values;

  1. Farmer empowerment: – CDO will focus on the needs and issues of cotton growers, giving farmers a voice in matters of research, development, extension and marketing.

  2. Staff empowerment. We involve our employees in the success of the organisation. We value initiation, cooperation, innovation, communication, flexibility in our work and the quality of work life within our organisation. Staff is involved in decision-making processes. At the sub-sector level, CDO encourages stakeholder participation and consensus building in arriving at decisions that drive the sub-sector.

  3. Accountability – CDO strives to provide the regulatory services in a professional, responsible and accountable manner.

  4. Integrity – CDO encourages dealing with each other and with our stakeholders on the basis of trust, understanding and respect of differing views and interests; to perform our duties in a free and an open manner.

  5. Professionalism – We undertake to perform our duties and produce our outputs to the best of our ability, with optimum utilisation of public resources and with a focus on continuously improving quality, productivity and professional development.

  6. Responsiveness – We endeavour to provide high quality information and services to our stakeholders within reasonable timeframe.

  7. Equal Employment Opportunities – CDO encourages equal opportunities in employment, deployment, promotion and other staff development opportunities.