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Cotton Developmentt Organisation » Progress Made (1994 – todate)

Progress Made (1994 – todate)


Government’s revival program of the Cotton sector and the liberalization of marketing and processing, resulted in the following:

Marketing – cotton was sold on cash upon delivery and farmers were free to sell to the highest bidder.

Quality control – CDO concentrated on quality control so that Uganda would regain international accreditation. As a result, Uganda gained membership of the Liverpool Cotton Association, Bremen Cotton Exchange and ICAC by 1995. Through interaction at international for a, CDO was able to promote Uganda’s cotton once more.

Establishment of the Ginning Training School – Government under CSDP, established a Ginning Training School in 1998 with the aim of training ginnery technicians who had been non existent for 30 years. The School has produced technicians who service the ginning sector and as a result, the quality of ginning has improved thus contributing to the high quality of Ugandan lint.

Production – with the revival of research and seed breeding under NARO, strict regulation and quality control under CDO and cash payment to farmers, production steadily rose from 33,000 bales in 1994/95 to 250,000 bales in 2004/05.